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Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller is a Swiss collector, born in Geneva in 1930.


He has been under the influence of a passionnate father : poetry, philosophy, musicor science (he got his PhD in biology at the age of 47).

After law studies in Geneva and London, he registers at the Bar and become manager, at the age of 28, of a financial society. In 1960, he creates his own society, the Private Society of Managment, specialized in the managment of the housing stock and construction of social flats.

Collector as his father-in-law Josef Mueller, he goes in for « non-western » arts. With his wife Monique, he creates in 1977 the Barbier-Mueller museum, which organize more than seventy-five exhibitions, most of them attended with importants catalogues, presenting the differents sections of the familial collection, with the contribution of major european, american and asian museums. He carries out or finances researches in Sumatra, in Ivory Coast and Guinea. He’s one of the best expert of the Batak ethnic group, in the north of Sumatra. In may 1997, the Barbier-Mueller precolombian art museum opens opposite to the Picasso museum, in Barcelona. The town council offers a long-time loan from the Nadal Palace to expose around 400 works of art from Pre-Hispanic America.

Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller is also a recognized specialist of the poetry and the french history of the 16th century. Bibliophile since the age of 13, he has gathered one of the most full library devoted to Ronsard and other authors of the Pléiade. Entitled « Ma Bibliothèque poétique », the catalogue of this collection count 7 volumes already published. Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller has also written many articles for journals such as « Bibliothèque d’humanisme », « Renaissance » or « Le Bulletin du bibliophile » in the area of books and litterature history. In 1997, he created, in favour of the Geneva University, the Barbier-Mueller Foundation for the study of the Renaissance italian poetry, which gather almost 500 volumes of rare editions of poetry from the 14th to the 16th century. The catalogue of this fund, written by the professor Jean Balsamo, has been published in June 2007.


Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller is in France
Grand Officer of the Legion of Honorand commandor of the Officer of the Arts and Litterature. Furthermore, he’s commendatore dell’Ordine al merito della Repubblica italiana, officer of the Royal Order of Isabelle the Catholic, Grand Officier of the spanish Royal Order of the Civil Merit and Officer of the Order of the Merit of Ivory Coast.


Writtings and personnal studies

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To be published

    * « Trois poètes réformés à Genève : Goulart, Poupo et Du Chesne » (à paraître dans les actes du colloque Goulart de 2006)
    * « Un disciple peu connu de Ronsard : Antoine de Blondel et le cénacle de Douai » (à paraître dans Revue des Amis de Ronsard, 2008)
    * Ma Bibliothèque poétique, Quatrième partie, tomes V et VI
    * Dictionnaire biographique des poètes français de 1550 à 1630


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    * Rêves de collection, sept millénaires de sculptures inédites, Paris et Genève, Éditions Somogy et Musée Barbier-Mueller, 2003 (193 pages, 70 planches couleur, 9 cartes géographiques)


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